– Film Festival 2017

Gay West Community Network Inc. regrets to inform you that the ninth annual Queer West Film  Queer West Film 2017 Oct 6-8 @ Revue Cinema, has been cancelled.  We can tell you from experience that nothing is more frustrating than six trained volunteers this year, who decided on their own, to discard the plan which had work for eight years, voting for their own agenda,  in hidden forum board on Facebook. Just because someone volunteers,  does not give them the right to do whatever they want. Everyone should be pulling their weight, not pushing their weight around. The volunteers were fired, throwing the festival into chaos on Feb 16, 2017. 

We have to be realistic; this organization needs a  makeover. The Board will spend this year and possibly 2018 rethinking how to manage our festivals. Under consideration, no university or college students attending school in key positions with job titles. (Volunteers loved to pad their LinkedIn accounts with job descriptions they did not do or job titles they no longer hold.) All Key Volunteers must have a background in film festival management. It was a mistake on our part to have a volunteer graphic artist, reviewing films. Festival volunteers must be with us for one year, and then if desired, may make a request to join the Board of Directors. All Board meetings in Public at least once a month, twice if necessary. No private Facebook forum board,  where Directors make final decisions.
Yes 2017 was a disaster for us, but better times are ahead, even if we have to start from scratch again.