Sunday August 14, 2016

8th Annual Toronto International Queer West Film Festival

queer west film festival theme for sunday august 14, 2016

Sunday August 16, 2016 – 8 Shorts & Feature Film

Tonight’s Theme – Antinormativity – Anticonformity

Restricted – No one under 18 admitted. ID Required.

Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue. Street Map. Doors 6:30 pm Show 7 pm to 9.45 pm, 15 minute intermission each day. The theatre is fully wheelchair accessible.

General Admission $10 each evening August 12, 13 and 14th. 3 day pass $25.

Film Introduction and Welcome Speech:  At 7: 15 PM  before curtain up at 7 PM.  There will be an Introduction (Elevator Speech) to all films screening tonight,   given by a Queer West Board Member. Q & A Time permitting. You will received a Program Guide as you enter the theatre.

Program Guide 2016

A simple eight page program guide, in an unusual style by graphic designer Jacob Aspler ( in Montreal Q.C VIEW IT HERE


World Premier – Obsession –  Ben Oliver, director and DJ Stiles writer,   Toronto Ontario  3:30 Minutes

Ben Oliver – studied Radio and Television at Ryerson University in Toronto. After directing his first feature film The Millennials, he formed the Apathy Club with like-minded individuals who think they’re funny. The Apathy Club produces gay themed short films. DJ Stiles – studied painting at the University of Toronto and photography at OCAD University.  He’s inspired by pop art, vibrant colours, architecture, cities and beautiful people. His work in film includes writing, producing and acting. The creators of the film have acknowledged that the racist preferences were intentional, but did not mention these other intersectional criteria. This film did not sufficiently answer the question “what’s your sex?” Though the subtext of exploring the Grindr community is that these people intend to hook up with each other, the film focused more on their attitudes than anything explicitly sexual.

phot still from toronto gay film obsessionFilm Synopsis: This short film takes a critical look at the popular Grindr application, a self-proclaimed service to “find gay, bi, curious guys for free near you.”(Grindr) Running with the theme of the phone, the film is a first person experience of someone walking through downtown Toronto, passing other people on their phones, at which point that character’s profile is displayed for a few seconds. These profiles are fictitious, and meant to exaggerate certain tropes of typical profiles. Several of these are interesting critiques of homonormativity.  The film demonstrates how users of the Grindr service are often uncritically biased in their preferences, looking to have a normative relationship with generically attractive people. These false profiles act as parodies of posturing and self-aggrandizement that occur on dating sites. This film did not sufficiently answer the question “what’s your sex?” Though the subtext of exploring the Grindr community is that these people intend to hook up with each other, the film focused more on their attitudes than anything explicitly sexual.

Interview with Ben Oliver and DJ Stiles about their film Obsession

North American Premier – Sweetheart (Cariñito) Director: Luciana Garriga, Buenos Aires,  Argentina. Spanish  with English Subtitles 17:00 Minutes

Luciana Garriga was born in Argentina in 1990. In 2009 enters the National University Institute of Art (IUNA) the Bachelor career in Media Arts. She is in his thesis project for graduation. Since 2009 working as assistant art in TV advertising. Complementary she studied direction and editing the Union of Cinema. Wrote and directed three short films: Anne and Karin (2011), Who called you? (2012) and Sweetheart (2014). In 2014 he went recipient of the National Fellowship Group Projects of the National Endowment for the Arts, for the realization of her thesis entitled CARIÑITO. Luciana is a first step of writing his first feature León.

film still from motion picture CariñitoFilm Synopsis: The day Amalia retires, she meets a young girl in a bar, Mara. They spend a beautiful afternoon sun together. Amalia (Sonia Martínez) falls in love with her. One day, after search for her work as usual, Amalia discovers that Mara (Carolina Bazzalo) has a son. They begin to spend time all three together as a family. Amalia get tired of that cell sound constantly interrupting their privacy. Mara ignored the criticism. One night, Mara disappears. Amalia despairs. She returns to reconcile the morning and making love for the first time. Amalia carrying Mara and baby to spend the day on the banks of a lagoon. They spend a beautiful evening together which again is interrupted by the call of a man. Amalia wants to know who the caller; Mara tired of orders and reproaches of Amalia, the faces teasing. The two return to the city very angry after a heated argument, Mary is very distressed. Amalia tries to reconcile and pampers. Mara wants to be alone. In the morning she steals money from Amalia purse. You won’t believe what happens to Mara. No Trailer.

North American Premier – A Women At The Piano. Comedy. Producers: London Film School. Directed by Golnaz Jamsheed, London England. 1:20 Minute.

photo of Golnaz Jamsheed, film director with her crew

Golnaz Jamsheed – Born in San Francisco in 1984 in a full moon October night, her family moved back to Iran after the Iranian revolution. Golnaz returned to the States after finishing high school and graduating from from the “Azadegan School of Art” specializing in Graphics and Analog Photography. Golnaz then received her BA in Film, Television and Media from the University of California, Los Angeles (2006). During her time in Tehran, Golnaz also worked as a photojournalist, writing for “Tassvir” Image Magazine and Shahrvand Publication in Toronto, covering the most influential leaders in this field such as the Toronto International, the Los Angeles Film Festival and AFI FEST.

Film Synopsis: Based on a Vermeer painting with the title ‘A Young Woman Seated at the Virginal’ this short film reveals the secret passion of a young woman after being neglected by her dispassionate husband. No Trailer.

Canadian Premier – The Border (Der Saum) Directed by Lukas Väth, Munich Germany. German with English subtitles. 13:00 Minutes

phot still from the film Der Saum (the border directed by Lukas VäthLukas Väth a 23 year student born in Dachau, Germany. Since autumn 2013 he’s studying in the directing class at University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany.

Film Synopsis:  The film opens with a man carrying a women’s dead body into the woods, but is this the beginning or the end? A nameless woman can’t remember who she is. Lost in the subway she meets Sally who seems to be her girlfriend. But can she trust her without any memory about what happened? The Border is a film of few words, long takes, red walls underground and dark woods on top A question that is left unanswered. How did the two women die and who is  carrying the dead bodies down a road way? Cast: Laura Cuenca Serrano and Sandra Bosch. No Trailer.

North American Premier – All their Shades –  Film Animation by Chloé Alliez, who lives in Brussels, Belgium 5:46 Minutes.

FrancoQueer Toronto is co-presenting this film.

photo of Chloé Alliez, belgium film animationChloé Alliez, born in France in 1988, went to Brussels and studied in Saint-Luc, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. In 2011 she started studying animation in La Cambre. She did an Erasmus with the University South of Wales and received a master’s degree in 2015 with four stop-motion movies. She uses recycled objects for the making of her short films and illustrations.QWFF_best_short_film_2016-03

Film Synopsis: In a minimalist design, different portraits of women parade swiftly to illustrate the reasons to love women. Over this enumeration, a stereo- typical vision is mixed with a more serious and realistic one to show all the subtle shades of woman.

Show Reel of animation work by Chloé Alliez

North American Premier – Hereafter (Romance/Comedy)  – Directed by Engin Erden  Prague, Czech Republic  Spanish w/ English subtitles 2:50 minutes

photo of Engin Erden prague filmmakerEngin ErdenBorn in Izmir, Turkey, lived in İstanbul before he moved to Prague to study at the  Prague Film School. In the past 6 years he worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency. Engin has more than 30 awards from local and international advertising festivals including Grand Prix in Golden Drum and Gold award in London International Festival.  Erden graduated from the Prague Film School in June 2016.

Film Synopsis:  Two best friends  Anne and Mary open up their feelings to each other for the first time in their life and kiss. But there are some obstacles they need to overcome and one of them is Anne’s husband and Mary’s cousin, Dave.  “In terms of production, it was our first “one take” experience as a whole crew so we learned together while we are trying to achieve the best result. It was a student set but because everyone was so dedicated and hardworking it never felt like a student set except of the amateur spirit,  which makes the process more exciting. “ said Erden  No Trailer

Canadian Premier – Soft Skin, Violence in the Eye (Piel suave, ojos violentos). Directed and written by Marc Nadal, Barcelona Spain. Subtitles None, no one speaks. 7:40 Minutes.

photo of Marc Nadal a spanish filmmakerMarc Nadal (born in Barcelona in 1989) is a film director and screenwriter, received the award for Best Director in “Festival de cine” of Sant Vicenç de Castellet. Participates in international festivals and exhibitions with films like “Ante la araña”, “Marionetas”, “La rosa congelada”, “La piel y el alma” and “El espejo humano”. Starts making short films in 2008 as a director and is involved in other projects such as script, photography and production. In 2012 he obtained the degree in film directing at Bande à Part, Barcelona film School.  Olga Tarrés has starred in several plays such as “El Síndrome de Mozart” and she has worked on short films of schools in Barcelona and  Julia Ferré Merino  has participated in several TV shows, short films, and she is one of the main faces of the films “Entre Dios y el Hombre” and “Un sol frio en verano”.

Film Synopsis:    Julia Ferré Merino (Duna) bears abuses because of the attraction she feels for Alma, until one night when Olga Tarrés (Alma) breaks her silence and intends to show that she is just as capable of inflicting the same pain and violence as her Lesbian partner.

Trailer – Soft Skin, Violence in the Eye (Piel suave, ojos violentos) Silent Film

Intermission – 15 Minutes

Canadian Premier – OUT   A coming out film comedy. Directed by Gsus Lopez, London England. 17:00 Minutes

photo of gsus lopez british filmmaker and directorGsus Lopez – Was born and raised in Spain and hs resettled to England since 2010 where he completed a BA (Hons) in Media at University of the Arts London in 2014.  He has directed several award winning fashion films and shorts (Ephemeral Nature, I’m in Love, It Melts x Pigeons & Peacocks magazine, Art of Dress x London College of Fashion) that have got him  international recognition by scooping the Grand Prix ASVOFF Barcelona 2012 for Best Film and nominations at Berlin and Madrid Fashion Film Festivals to name a few.  His  work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, Wonderland Magazine and Interview Deutschland. Alongside his creative projects, he co-founded and curated Fashion Cinematic, and have also been an industry expert in the development team of a BA (Hons) Fashion Film at Southampton Solent University, where he is an occasional Guest Lecturer.

Film Synopsis: Fucked up British comedy at it’s best. Mary (Jeff Kristian) is a divorced middle-aged mother living in a small English town. One weekend she receives the visit of her closet-emerging son Oscar (Oliver Yellop). How will Mary make sense of her son’s coming out and the small-town mentality that surrounds her? Blending high-drama theatrics with black comedy, OUT is a coming out story unlike any other you have seen before.

Trailer – OUT – Fucked up British Comedy at it’s Best!

North American Premier – Portrait of a young women (Portrait d’une jeune femme. Documentary. French w/ English Subtitles) Directed by Arnoux Stéphane, Paris France.  01:22:00 Minutes

FrancoQueer Toronto is co-presenting this film.

image Stéphane Arnoux paris filmmakerStéphane Arnoux was born in 1976 in Paris. After postgraduate studies in arts and a decade of experience as a teacher, director of theater company and director of theater, he was particularly devoted to film from his first feature Carrot and stick , made on the sidelines of the movement intermittent. Took a long fiction film on the hopes and fears of a disenchanted young generation and creative Our desires are messy, and a documentary on the situation of the independent French film, made with two comrades Acid (Association independent cinema for its diffusion), french cinema is doing well. Portrait of a young woman is probably his most personal film and most successful, carrying a cinema process in which the image questions the relationship between the personal and the political.

Film Synopsis: Misungui is Marion Roussey pseudonym. Her identity is built on sensual or startling pictures that abound on social networks. In queer Parisian circles, she is famous for her erotic and situational performances. In “real life”, the young libertarian feminist lives as a squatter, as she waits for the opportunity to carry out another self-managed project somewhere else. In the meanwhile, she tries to link together precarity and invention, intimacy and politics. In filming Misungui’s cinematic portrait, the director intended to portray a person’s quest for emancipation and its contradictions. And through Marion’s eyes, look deeper into several issues of an epoch in crisis.

Trailer (French only, our film subtitled in English)  – Portrait of a young women

Tonight’s Feature Film – 01:22:00 Minutes

The End.