Sunday August 9, 2015


Sunday August 9, 2015

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official selection toronto international queer west film festival 2015

Official 2015 Film Festival Program Guide

Our16 page, full color Queer West Film Festival Program Guide now hosted online at ISSU.  HAVE A LOOK

Canadian Premier – End of Season Sale – (Director – writer and producer Eli Glazer, Israel) 35 Min

eli glazer israeli filmmakerFilm Director,  Eli Glazer is a graduate of Seminar Hakibutzim in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he studied theatre and acting. He studied film at the Camera Obscura school of film in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In 2003 he wrote and directed “Gay Times Requiem“, a stage performance piece which was shown at the Highways performance Space, Los Angeles, U.S.A. He is currently in the process of raising funds for his first feature film.

Film Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – Late at night two aging strangers fail to obtain Viagra for a one night stand.  The shortage of the desired blue pill turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the two strangers get a chance to exchange the pleasures of the flesh with the pleasures of the hear.

end of season sale israel film by eli glazerAging and the unique issues that accompany aging are not frequently dealt with in queer art or film.  Aging is not a “sexy” subject matter in general and even more so in the gay artistic and commercial industry as it is unjustly tagged to be not a subject that “sells”.   I am a bit more aware of that “undesired” stage of life that lurks just around the corner, as a middle aged man myself.said Eli Glazer.

End of Season Sale takes this subject matter head-on and tries to put a spotlight on the unique angle of gay old age.  It seems that even in the queer world there is life after thirty and there are desires, needs, fears and hopes.  Within a body that may have lost its appeal there are a spirit and a soul that never grow old.  Israel Gurion and Gedalia Besser are two Israeli veteran actors with a rich and prolific career both in film and on stage.  Although neither of them are gay they both expressed an enthusiastic desire to play the roles of Haim and Uri, the two main characters in the film.  Both being senior citizens, who have found the characters appealing and familiar in the universality of the issues they are dealing with,  regardless of their sexual orientation.

End of Season Sale in Hebrew with English subtitles by Eli Glazer (Trailer)

Canadian Premier – Chance – (Director – Jake Graf, London England) Run time 16 minutes

jake graf uk trans filmmaker
Jake Graf 2015

Film Director,  Jake Graf (Exclusive to Queer West © Copyright 2015 ) “I was born in London England, and attended the French Lycee Charles de Gaulle from 3-16, as my father was French. I spent a year in New York in my late twenties, but otherwise I have always lived in London.

That year however was life altering, as, having lived as a ‘lesbian’ for most of my late teens and early twenties, I met my first trans friend, and realized that I could no longer hide my true gender identity, and shortly after returning to London, aged 28, I began my transition. It was during this time that I wrote my first screenplay, X WHY, which was based upon my own experiences of transition, and, shot over three years, used my own physical changes to illustrate the lead character’s own transition. The film, which I also produced and directed, was well received, premiering at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, nominated for the Iris Prize, and going on to screen in Mumbai, Paris, Spain, and Sydney.

Spurred on by this positive first reception, I went on to write Brace, again casting myself in the lead. This too featured a strong trans theme, and has so far screened at 38 film festivals worldwide, and is just about to be released online. Chance, my third screenplay, was harder to write, as it was much less personal, but is a film of which I am very proud, as I wrote and directed, and cast the two incredible male leads, who certainly did not let me down!

I am currently writing a trans themed web series, TV pilot, and another short film. I believe that there is a great shortage of trans male representation on screen, and am doing what I can to change that. Keen to put my money where my mouth is, my new motto is ‘Be the change you want to see’.” Jake said. Jake made the cover of the Summer issue 2015 FTM Magazine

Film Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – Chance is the story of an unlikely love that develops between two very lovely differently-heartbroken individuals. Starring: Clifford Hume (Trevor Bunting) Abs (Amir Abbas) Amale Mohamed (Zara Abbas) Olivia James( Susan Bunting) Lewis Hancox (Yob in Park) Ferenc Szabadi( Stud in Park) Alejandro Bonnato( Stud number 2) and Lee Rose (Chauffeur.)

chance-film-still2Clifford Hume’s portrayal of a man lost in a deep depression after the death of his wife is touching and absolutely spot-on: His daily struggles are shown in a tender yet unflinching light and Chance‘s minimal dialogue serves to underscore those feelings of hopelessness and isolation. Tight close-ups and beautifully framed wide shots in a park underline masterfully the loneliness and, later, the growing companionship the main characters find in one another.

Chance is a departure from the subject matter of Writer and Director Jake Graf’s earlier works, Brace and X Why, both of which focused on Transgender issues, but is in no way diminished because of this. In fact, Graf brings passion, a masterful eye for detail and a Directorial confidence to Chance that, combined with outstanding performances and beautifully-pitched camerawork, tell a difficult story with real heart. British Council (Film) Live in interview with Jake about Chance

Overall Verdict: Easily a stand-out film at Queer West Film Festival 2015, Chance is Jake Graf hitting his stride as a rising master filmmaker. Not to be missed.

Chance by Jake Graf (Trailer)

Canadian Premier – Open Windows – Las ventanas abiertas – (Director – Michèle Massé, France) Run time 62 Minutes

Michèle Massé france film directorFilm Director,  Michèle Massé studied Cinema and Modern Literature at the New Sorbonne of Paris, and later enrolled in the Belgian film and theatre school NSAS in Brussels in 1989. Parallel to her work as a director, she has held for many years the position of Assistant Director in full-length fiction films and TV movies. In her work as a director, whether of fiction or documentary, she has found a specialty in creating portraits. Home Page:

“I first made a short film and several documentaries. I got to the documentary genre by chance and found it a richness that never ceases to amaze me. In my work as a director, both documentary and fiction, I am interested primarily in portrait. I focus on the often anonymous people and tell their stories. My last two films deal with committed women at different times and in different ways and I wish to continue to explore this topic. I also work regularly as repéreuse on feature films and TV films of fiction. Do not hesitate to contact me for any project.” She said.

best director queerwest film festival 2015Film Synopsis (Review by @danielaocosta) – I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for older women. In the most professional way possible, of course. I mean it! Aging within the lesbian community is one of my favorite subject matters to see tackled, because it reveals so much about our collective past, the now of our trailblazers and, yes, the future of us young thangs. All the better if it’s a perspective we don’t usually see–the non-North American one. That’s what writer/director/producer Michèle Massé has given us with her documentary Open Windows

Open Windows showcases the stories of four lesbians (in their own words) in their 70s. Micheline and Jocelyne are a couple living in Paris, while Boti (divorced) and Empar (married) live in Madrid. I’m happy to report none of these women have hung up their lesbian hats, all of them being either in relationships, involved in LGBT activism, or both.

Michèle Massé still from film open windowsIt’s eye-opening to hear from women who grew up not even knowing the term for who it is they are. To know you’re “different,” but not having a word for it? I can’t imagine what that’s like. Empar shares that growing up in Francoist Spain there was no literature on homosexuality available. So the relief she felt when she finally realized she was, in fact, a lesbian–well it really puts the value of labels for some into context. But knowing versus accepting your true self, those are two different beasts. The French couple (who have only been together a few years) are late bloomers in their own ways. Despite a long-term relationship with a woman, Micheline still had trouble coming out well into her sixties. And Jocelyne, well when she found out her own daughter was gay, there was a lot of guilt. But it also served as the catalyst for her decision to come out.

Micheline and Jocelyne are definitely making up for lost time. The topic of sex is a big one in this movie. Ruts, the role of hormones, decreased desire, and making time for sex–these ladies discuss it all.

Open Windows in French & Spanish with English subtitles by Michèle Massé (Trailer)



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