Saturday August 8, 2015


Saturday  August 8, 2015

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official selection toronto international queer west film festival 2015

Official 2015 Film Festival Program Guide

Our16 page, full color Queer West Film Festival Program Guide now hosted omline at ISSU.  Design by: Emily Siu, (Our Summer Intern ) a Master of Arts student,  in Cinema Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, St. George campus. HAVE A LOOK

Canadian Premier – Fragile – (Directors – Juliana and Juliet Mango, Perth Australia) Run Time 8 min.

Directors Juliana and Juliet Mango are twin sisters currently situated in Perth WA.
Directors Juliana and Juliet Mango

Directors Juliana and Juliet Mango are twin sisters currently situated in Perth WA. With the aim of building a strong reputation as visionary filmmakers with a distinctive style the Mango sisters have produced a broad range of works over the years . They have gained experience in several film production roles but progressed into writing and directing their own screen plays.

Born in Zimbabwe in 1992, the Mango sisters relocated to New Zealand where they studied photography and music throughout high school. They relocated to Australia, Perth where they attended university and went on to study Digital Media and Screen Production at Murdoch University over the course of 3 years, before graduating with a Masters. They further developed their film studies by undertaking post-graduate in film. Home Page:

While both have directed their own films it is more recently they have emerged as co-directors. The Mango sister’s first film together, Footsteps (2013) set the duo on an emerging career path of co-directed, independently produced films.

Films such as Fragile (2014), an award winning Transgendered short film and I am honourable mention queerwest film festival 2015Isaac, which is yet to be released are further examples. The sisters work so closely and share such a strong vision of their films. Their film making style is realist, eccentric and often quite dark.

Film Synopsis – When 8 year old Alex moves in permanently with his Dad, he is forced to suppress his true identity as he struggles to live up to the expectations set for him. He is bullied and beaten at school and is pushed to abide by his Dad’s rules at home. Alex realizes he may have to choose between who he is and who his Dad thinks he should be. After getting caught cross dressing, he runs away from home and befriends a woman who restores his confidence. Alex eventually comes to terms with who he really is. Stars: Russel Lambe (As the Father), Alex Bryans (Boy) and Jasmine Nibali (Friend).

Fragile by Juliana and Juliet Mango (Trailer)

Canadian PremierElectric Indigo – (Director – Jean-Julien Collette, Brussels) Run Time 24 min.

Jean-Julien Collette film directorFilm Director, Jean-Julien Collette (Brussels – 1978) is an autodidact Belgian film director. Bitten by the cinema bug at the age of eight, he promised his father that one day he would become a film director. Many years later, he is fulfilling his dream with five short films to his credit totaling up to 500 selections and 110 awards in film festivals (such as Karlovy Vary, Montreal World, Palm Springs Shorts and Clermont Ferrand). “Electric Indigo” is his first solo work and marks a change of direction towards a hand-held camera style and a colorful aesthetic. In this film, he explores his favorite themes in more depth; the sexuality and the unstructured family in a modern and pluralistic society. He is currently preparing his first long feature, “Rabbits“, a supernatural thriller.

Film Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – Electric Indigo, the first solo short film by Belgian filmmaker Jean-Julien Collette, tries to analyse the new family structures, sexuality and the discovery of the self identity in a thriller-like way. In Electric Indigo, we meet Indigo, a 20-something year old girl who recalls her life from her birth to the event that changed her life forever for us to understand how she discovered her own identity and the way she understands love.

electric indigo shoutingRaised by two heterosexual fathers united by the bonds of a ‘non-carnal’ marriage, Indigo knows what pure and unconditional love is thanks to this nontraditional family. When she turns twelve, her biological mother -an old friend of her fathers who got paid to get their baby-, will try to get her back, affecting their loving familiar structure.

The film may look like an usual romantic comedy when it starts. Indigo’s voiceover leads us through the origins of her birth in the framework of this unusual but equally valid family, although soon the film turns into a drama with a narrative touch of thriller when intolerance takes over Indigo’s mother’s unstable heart after feeling excluded from the happy family.

Brilliantly interpreted by adults Rubén Tomás, Tony Denman, Christelle Cornil and débutante teen actress Margot, Collette’s movie can seem too inspired by a bucolic and hipster way of filming, even if in some parts of it (the introduction of the characters) this works perfectly. Electric Indigo is an interesting demonstration of how family structured are irrelevant as long as true love is present.

Electric Indigo by Jean-Julien Collette (Trailer)

Canadian Premier – Seven Drinks – (Directors: Madison Thomas and Kevin P. Gabel, Winnipeg Manitoba. Run time 24m

film director madison thomas
Madison Thomas
Kevin P. Gabel film director
Kevin P. Gabel

Aboriginal Film Director,  Madison Thomas – Having been raised in a Metis household, storytelling was a huge part of her childhood. She found the natural extension into filmmaking in high school and has worked at honing her craft since. Her first film Worlds on Fire was selected for the 2009 Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival and was nominated for best youth talent. She studied filmmaking at the University of Winnipeg and received her bachelor of arts in 2012. In 2011 she was accepted into Prague Film School’s summer program – the first Aboriginal person to be accepted into the program.

Madison enjoys telling very raw human stories through unique genres and hopes to continue contributing to the ever-growing Winnipeg film industry.

Co-Film Director, Kevin P. Gabel is an actor, writer, and director who studied all three disciplines at the University of Winnipeg. His previous short films “The Projectionist,” “Lindsey” and “The Drive Home” have played in several film festivals, and his one-man play about a bisexual webcam performer “Undress Me” was nominated for the Harry Rintoul Award for playwriting last year. On film he has acted in the feature-length “Passionflower” and the television program “The Pinkertons,” and on the stage he’s acted in such plays as “Proud,” “EDEN,” and “Lion in the Streets.

still from film Film Seven Drinks


Film Synopsis – Seven Drinks” is a romantic drama about two young men, Mitch and Bobby, who meet for coffee one afternoon and fall for each other. The film follows the course of their relationship through seven scenes in a story spanning years, exploring how they come into their own identities and come up against challenges to their relationship.


Canadian Premier –Scout’s Oath – (Director – Ryan Rambach, Los Angeles, California) Run time 12 mins

Ryan Rambach film director
F Ryan Rambach

Filmmaker and editor Ryan Rambach is based out of Los Angeles, California. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Occidental College with degrees in political science and art history and visual arts: emphasis in film and media studies. Ryan edited the film Bottled Up (2013) that received a Gold Medal at the 40th Annual Student Academy Awards, qualifying for Oscar consideration in the short film category. After Ryan’s film, Time Before Time (2014), was exhibited at the Palm Springs International Short Film Market, he secured worldwide DVD distribution through the Spiritual Cinema Circle and Gaiam TV. 

Ryan has also worked in non-fiction television post-production as a development editor on several docu-drama series for the nationally renowned Bunim-Murray Productions in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on the upcoming E! series I am Cait.

Film Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – a short documentary film that examines the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) existing anti-gay policy towards the organization’s one million adult volunteers in the wake of the Boy Scout’s decision to permit participation by gay youth.

len lanzi former boy scout leader portraitThe film focuses on the story of Len Lanzi, a former Boy Scout’s of America official who served as the Executive Director of the Los Padres Council of the Boy Scout’s of America. During his tenure, Lanzi oversaw 300 scouting units on the West Coast. In October 2000, after coming out as gay in a public speech, Lanzi was fired from the organization. SCOUT’S OATH follows Lanzi has he recounts his early involvement with the Boy Scouts, his professional career as a Scout executive, and his ultimate firing from the organization he came to love and defend.

Uphill battle still to be fought.

July 13, 2015 Yes some rules have been relaxed today, since film was made, but it’s still an up hill battle for full recognition. The Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Committee has unanimously approved a resolution ending the organization’s ban on gay adults.  According to a press release from Scouts for Equality, the change will allow each individual troop or unit to self-determine policy regarding eligibility of openly gay or bisexual adults.  The change would also prohibit regional governing councils or non-Troop entities (i.e boy scouts camps) from discriminating based on sexual orientation.  In addition, leaders who have previously been removed under the gay adult ban will be allowed to reapply for their position While this policy change is not perfect—BSA’s “70 percent of Boy Scout troops are run by faith-based groups, many from orthodox communities including Mormons, Catholics, Southern Baptists, and Muslims who do not accept gay equality.”  A vote by the BSA’s National Executive Board is expected July 27th.  If ratified the policy change will be effective immediately.  Co-ed Scouts Canada — which is distinct and separate from the BSA — clearly stipulates it “does not discriminate for reasons of gender, culture, religious belief or sexual orientation.”  In Canada,the easy acceptance of gay scouting reflects several factors, including the smaller role religion plays in politics and daily life and the smaller size and influence of fundamentalist religions. This is still an important documentary to be seen, from a historical aspect.

Scout’s Oath a film by Ryan Rambach (Trailer)

North American Premier –  Hacia Una Primavera Rosa – (Director – Mario de la Torre, Madrid, Spain) Run Time 18 min.

Mario de la Torre Espinosa spain filmmaker

Film Director, Mario de la Torre Espinosa  a 34  years old (Born, August 22, 1981 in Madrid Spain) He’s director and scriptwriter. holds has a degree in Documentation from the University of Granada. He is a professor of Documentary and New Media at Rey Juan Carlos University. His research focuses on comparative literature, the Spanish theater and film studies. He has been a recipient of a grant from Förderlinie research at the University of Heidelberg. In addition, he combines his research with that of director and film producer.  He started in the advertising world and in 2001 began to write scripts for documentaries and short films, having won more than 60 international awards. He was member of the jury of the Prix de la Jeunesse at the Cannes Festival and the Festival’s Talent Campus in Berlin.


tunisia_lgbt_demonstrationFilm Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) –  A documentary film created in collaboration with Amnesty International and The Human Rights Program at the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Spain) Homosexuals in Tunisia celebrated the ouster of dictator Ben Ali, hoping it would improve their situation. But in nearly two years, little has changed for the country’s gay and lesbian community. Homosexuality is not explicitly illegal in Tunisia. However, Article 230 of the Tunisian penal code, which was written in 1964, makes anal intercourse a crime punishable by up to three years imprisonment. Same sex relations are also illegal.  Most Tunisians- at least outwardly- accept that homosexuality is a sin in Islam. This documentary is an  interview with 18 to 33 year clandestine gay Arab males; living, working and play in Tunisia, seeking the same LGBT Human Rights and Freedoms enjoyed in other parts of the world. The film has never been screened in North or South America.

Hacia Una Primavera Rosa:  Our version French with English subtitles (Trailer)

 Canadian Premier – Sandy – (Director – David Churchill and  co-director Frank Livingston, Winnipeg, Manitoba) Run time 4 minutes

vfrank livingston and david church winnipeg film directors together they made the film sandyThe photo is of Frank Livingston (left) David Churchill (right). Livingston helped conceive and create the puppet Sandy, co-developed the story, and is the film’s principal puppeteer and co-director.

Film Director,  David Churchill – Ph.D., University of Chicago; M. A., University of Toronto/OISE and B. A.(Hons), Trent University. Professor Churchill co-founded and co-curetted downtown Winnipeg’s Hole in the Wall Gallery, a 16.5-centimetre-tall impromptu art space in a brick wall. Churchill also co-led an initiative with the university’s Archives and Special Collections to store the oral histories of more than 100 members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer community.

Co-director Frank Livingston is a mixed media artist, curator and gardener originally from rural Southern Manitoba. He is a graduate of the School of Art, University of Manitoba, has exhibited his work in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Almonte Ontario, and has been the recipient of a Manitoba Arts Council Grant and DMSM Grant. He is particularly interested in in memory, sexuality, recovery and the illusiveness of representation. He is the cofounder and curator of the Hole in the Wall Gallery in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Screen _Shot_2015_Sandy_puppetFilm Synopsis – Backward glances, stolen glimpses, and longing gazes are all part of the ocular culture of queer desire. We follow an aging puppet (Sandy) as he cruises tunnels, hallways, library stacks, and washrooms for an illicit moment of erotic possibility.

The use of the puppet Sandy is both a gesture toward the mediated reality of sexual encounters, in which digital cruising is so often conducted through avatars, and constructed versions of the self. In creating an elderly puppet the filmmakers also wanted to acknowledge the complicated geography of sexual encounters, of searching for erotic contact, and the vulnerability of such charged tangential connections.  Moreover, Sandy’s generational and paper mache reality, gesture to the fragility of life and the ambiguity of survival and loss in context of HIV/AIDS. There’s a cameo appearance of artist Andrew Harwood,  heading into one of the toilet stalls. Andrew Harwood is a Winnipeg-based artist, writer, curator and gallerist. Infamous in the Toronto Queer West scene,  as performer and drag queen (under the stage name Madame Zsa Zsa)

Canadian Premier – A little Chinese Dress – (Director – Caroline Fournier, France) Run time 17 min.

caroline fournier paris filmmaker
Caroline Fournier

Film Director,  Caroline Fournier  is a Digital Creative Director and feature film filmmaker. After studies of cinema and multimedia at the famous University of Paris VIII or University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis, a public university in Paris.  When not making films she freelances her spare time as a graphic artist with various Paris advertising agencies. She co-directed her first shorts “Pepita, Laura, Kitty and the Artificial Uterus” in 2006. “A Short Distance” was her second short film produce in 2008.  She started her own production company, Hystérie Prod.  She shares  time between her personal projects as director of Transmédia Story and movies, and her graphic designer job.  She currently working on a project series,  about the neighborhood Belleville in Paris and a documentary about assisted reproduction. A little Chinese Dress (Une petite robe chinoise) is her most recent film, produced in 2014.

Film Synopsis – Victor, a young melancholy 25 years old, moves to Chinatown in Paris. Alone and vulnerable, he discovers a new  neighbor while peering out his window he spies a 50 year Chinese woman in an apartment across the courtyard. A first she is frighten of him, but soon  an unexpected friendship develops. Background music is by My Little Airport, a Hong Kong-based indie pop band.  We meet other characters in the film,  played by Jean-Baptiste Sagory, Hiromi Asai, Meyi Wang Shao, Jacques and Laurent Deve Bonnaffé.

A little Chinese Dress (French with English subtitles) by Caroline Fournier (Trailer)



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