Friday August 7, 2015


Friday August 7, 2015

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official selection toronto international queer west film festival 2015

Official 2015 Film Festival Program Guide

Our16 page, full color Queer West Film Festival Program Guide now hosted online at ISSU.  HAVE A LOOK

Canadian Premier – Gay Healers – (Directors – Christian Deker and Oda Lambrecht, Hamburg Germany) 30 mins.

conversion therapy healers in germanyFilm Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – A documentary on Conversion therapy (also called reparative therapy) reveals that there are doctors in Germany that consider homosexuality a disorder and therefore want to treat gays to become heterosexual. In a self-experiment, TV Journalist Christian Deker visited registered doctors that move in devout Christian circles. The doctors propose treatments that would change his sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. Such treatments have been criticized as pseudoscience and have been a source of controversy in the United States and other countries.

The Province of Ontario Government voted final approval on June 4th, to an New Democratic Member of Provincial Legislature,  private member’s bill that bans so-called conversion therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children. The Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, makes it an offense for doctors to try to change or direct the sexual orientation or gender identity of patients under 18, and prohibits such therapies from being an insured service. Conversion Therapy is also banned in California, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington DC.

Christian Deker journalist and filmaker
Christian Deker
Oda Lambrecht journalist hamburg
Oda Lambrecht

Filmmaker Christian Deker, born in Stuttgart/Germany in 1982, is a German TV journalist working at the public-service corporation Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Hamburg. After studying law at the University of Freiburg, he worked as a journalism trainee at NDR. Since 2012 Christian Deker is reporter for the TV investigative programme “Panorama”.

Co-author Oda Lambrecht (born 1976) works as journalist for the public-service corporation Norddeutscher Rundfunk. She is reporter for the investigative TV programme “Panorama”. Prior she worked as reporter for the investigative TV programme “Report Mainz”, Suedwestrundfunk and as editor for First German Television’s main news “Tagesschau”.

Canadian Premier –Tomorrow – (Director – Leandro Tadashi, Brazil) Run Time 13 min.

Film Tomorrow by Leandro Tadashi
Film Tomorrow by Leandro Tadashi

Film Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – The film takes place on New Year’s Eve 1999, when a love triangle emerges between college-bound high school students. Trevor is determined to win his girl friend Sarah’s affection, while Clark struggles to express long-unrequited feelings for Trevor. In the film “Tomorrow,” directed by Leandro Tadashi on behalf of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, the serious reality of finding oneself and what we truly want, regardless of sexuality, is brought to light.

This win for the LGBTQ community succeeds in the fact that a film has been made where the gay characters are not offering comedic backup, but instead, are real people that viewers can identify with.  There aren’t ridiculous jokes, but instead raw emotions.  In the film, you feel for Clark when he’s asked to be a wingman by Trevor.  You can feel the awkward tension.  You can see the pain in Clark’s eyes right before he covers it up and promises to help his friend out in various scenes.  Stereotypical flamboyancy is out and real emotions are in. It’s no secret that the road to acceptance is no easy feat.  The contrast in “Tomorrow” over Clark’s acceptance and Trevor’s confusion is blatantly on display,

Showcasing serious protagonists rather than the typical comedic gay character will allow audiences of “Tomorrow” an opportunity to finally see the struggles that come with accepting one’s sexuality.  Just because you feel for the character who has already accepted who he is, doesn’t make the challenge any easier for the character who hasn’t reached that point yet.  The reality of acceptance isn’t an easy step, but then again, there’s always hope for TOMORROW.

Leandro Tadashi brazil filmmakeFilm Director Leandro Tadashi was born in a Japanese-Brazilian family in Manaus, the biggest city in the Brazilian Amazon area, and studied in São Paulo, where he did his undergrad in Film and TV Production at the University of São Paulo. After college, he worked as a writer/director and a production designer Currently, Leandro lives in Los Angeles, where he’s an MFA candidate in the Film and TV Production Program at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. In LA, he has directed the LGBTQ-themed short films “Absent” (2013), and “Tomorrow” (2014). He’s just finished his new short film “Bá”, shot in São Paulo, Brazil, to be released in 2015 again with funds from two government grants. He is currently working on the feature film “Actors Anonymous”, based on the book by James Franco of the same name, and produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions.


 Film Tomorrow by Leandro Tadashi (Trailer)

Intermission -15 minutes

Longing / אִישֵׁךְ, תְּשׁוּקָתֵךְ  A Film By Nadav Mishali– (Director – Nadav Mishali, Ofakim Israel) Run Time 30 min.

Film Longing by Nadav Mishali
Film Longing by Nadav Mishali

Film Synopsis Every month Michal (Meytal Gal) immerses in a Mikveh as part of the religious ritual before she and her husband can resume marital relations. When the long-awaited night arrives, nothing happens between the two. Her husband’s absence, as well as the deterioration in the intimacy between them, makes her suspect on her husband’s true identity.

Michal is a young religious woman, married to Meir (Tomer Lev-Tov),  abest film short queer west film festival 2015 yeshiva student. She notices her husband is drifting away from her, and doesn’t want to sleep with her. She is particular about keeping the Jewish faith’s commandments, hoping it will solve the problem. When Michal finds out her husband is having an affair with a man, her world collapses, and she is forced to deal with sexual rejection from Meir, as well as social rejection from society, which is quick to judge a woman who must follow.

Longing portrays a human portrait of an introverted woman, who is losing her female image and is burning in her own desires.

Nadav Mishali film directorFilm Director, Nadav Mishali was born in 1986 in the town of Ofakim, Israel and still lives there. He was brought up in a Jewish religious environment and studied in Yeshiva. In 2010 he started his studies at Sapir Academic College, specialized in directing, writing, producing, shooting, editing and lighting (2010-2013). During his studies he wrote and directed several shorts films. His first student film, Barely In Love, (2013) was selected for screening in the International Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival and UK Jewish Film Festival, as well as in San Diego Festival, California and in Paris, France.  which tells the story of Yotam, a Yeshiva boy who struggles between his homosexuality and his mother who is trying to cure him. His second film “Longing” (2014), tells the story of Michal, an introverted woman, who is losing her feminine image and is burning in her desires.

The film Longing by Nadav Mishall (Trailer)

Canadian Premier –No Face – (Director – Daniel Kulle, Hamburg Germany) Run Time 6 minutes

Daniel Kulle film director
Daniel Kulle

Film Synopsis – We are surrounded by commercial images. Everywhere we look, everything we touch is already marked with economical value. And as we construct our identity out of images and impressions we encounter every day, ourselves become more and more commercialized. We are sucked into the economic domain. We become our own advertisement. Things become even more complicated, if our identity is a gay one, an identity constantly needing to rearrange its relation to straight mainstream culture and constantly searching for a centre to form a reassuring subculture. But what if this subculture, this gay self, is being commercialized as well? No Face is a experimental film on gay iconographies in a commodified age.

Film Director, Daniel Kulle studied Biology and Geography in Kiel (Germany). After his diploma in Polar Biology and Photosynthetic Research, he studied Cinema Studies in Zurich (Switzerland). He worked as a research and teaching assistant in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Zurich and the University of Bonn. In 2011 he finished his PhD in Media Studies at the University of Bonn on “Ed Wood: Irony and the Trash Cinema”. In June 2011 he presented a paper on “Superman and Transmediality” at the Humboldt University in Berlin. His web site:

Toronto Premier – Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude! – (Directors – Paul R King & Joel landfield, San Francisco, CA) Run Time 17 min.

Phatima Rude punk drag queerFilm Synopsis (Review by Michel F. Paré, web content editor) – Phatima Rude is a super ego, Who celebrates her 50th birthday by wallowing in a 40-gallon kiddie pool of chocolate pudding at the city’s oldest gay bar. Who grew so enthusiastic during a drag number at Trannyshack in 2003 that she bent all the way backward and broke her spine. She now identifies herself as an MTFTM Nearsighted Bi-Polar Bear With Vampiric Tendencies.

Phatima’s birth name is Kevin- she was born as a male, and made the transition in her late teens-early adulthood. Throughout the documentary, Phatima Rude emphasizes on how difficult her transition has been-outlining her struggles, as well as her triumphs in regards to addiction, gender identity, poverty and illness

She is one of our last remaining links to SF’s gloriously weird club past. The perennialbest documentary queerwest film festival 2015 ghoulish go-go and beautiful creature is living history. After moving here in the late ’80s and flirting with the Imperial Court drag dynasty, she dived into the underground – looking, at 300-plus pounds in a blond wig, “like Divine by way of Barbra Streisand” – starting at the legendary Club Uranus among such luminaries as Jerome Caja, Michael Blue, DJ Lewis, and Michael Angelo.

Phatima’s also a prime example of what it takes to hold on as an artist in this town. Now Phatima has hit another creative peak, appearing in challenging Leigh-Bowery-in- a-blender outfits at parties like future-gothy monthly Dark Room at the Stud, and making music with her band The Unicorns R Dying, or T.U.R.D. What has she learned from her journey so far? “Life is tenuous, we’re all so blessed to be here, and drag is the gateway to the world.” She said. Home Page:

paul king film director
Paul King
Joel Landfield film director
Joel Landfield

Paul R. King,  a director and producer, known for Rituals of Life: The Phuket Vegetarian Festival (2005), Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude (2014) and Body of God (2013). “My research investigates alteration and sovereignty of the body through the lenses of socio-cultural anthropology and queer theories. “I’ve authored articles and lectured at colleges and conferences. In response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, I wrote, directed, and produced my first documentary, Rituals of Life: the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. All proceeds went to non-profits.” Paul said. Co-Director Joel Landfield,  a Documentary Filmmaker and poet at Punk Hostage Press (Author of Yeah, Well.) He Specializes; in Camera, sound, script/story editing, primary film editing and formatting . He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), High Honors, Highest Distinction, Cultural Anthropology University of California, Berkeley.

Phatima Rude in his Drag Wolf Transformation (Trailer)



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