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Xtra (Gay and Lesbian Newspaper) Control freaks
Brent Ledger / Toronto / Thursday, July 01, 2010


“If Pride is to survive and mean something again, it has to get smaller. People talk as though a loss of funding would be the end of the world, and it might well be for the Pride bureaucracy, but it might also prompt some thinking about what Pride stands for, as opposed to what it can do, given enough money. Instead of the expansionist ambitions of the current administration, perhaps they’d try something a little more low key. Like the Island picnics that started the whole event back in the 1970s. Or events that target specific communities, like the The Toronto Queer Arts Festival, now planned for August.Brent Ledger, Toronto Newspaper columnist.


National Post (Business) Newspaper Editorial & Opinions


National Post Editorial May 12, 2010: “Grassroots organizers wouldn’t have to struggle against a single 800-pound gorilla event that dominates their community’s annual agenda. Not all members of Toronto’s gay community, for instance, like the huge Pride festival: Some organizers of the small Queer West Arts Festival blame the parade’s success for sucking all the funding and attention away from their own, arguably more substantive, event.


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