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Press Release: June 11, 2014 Invitation to Toronto Queer Arts Festival


toronto arts festival 2014 small posterOutexpressions News. Toronto ON June 11, 2014 – A new renaissance is taking place in old Brockton Village a romantic peaceful neighborhood, known as Little Portugal (Runs along Dundas West between Lansdowne Ave and Ossington Avenue) as it becomes a vibrant alternative romantic community, with recently developed mix of galleries, cafés, restaurants and boutiques to serve an increasingly visible queer clientele. Where there’s no Dollarama’s or Starbucks.

Toronto Queer Arts Festival loves being part of scene at various festival venues along Dundas W., since 2009. One thing we can say for sure; Lesbians and the trans community love Queer West Arts Festival. Yet we hold no dyke March. They show up in droves to our concerts, launch and closing parties. More Lesbians live in the queer west end of the city, than anywhere else in Toronto.

Out of this scene has sprung a vibrant queer culture with a younger mixed crowd seeking something different, a group not hung up on their, or anyone else’s, sexuality. The area has adapted to the rising queer presence area is now affectionately known as Queer West Village or just Queer West to some locals.

Toronto is already one of the queerest cities in the universe. And, while long known for having one of the biggest and most successful Pride celebrations in the world, a new smaller grassroots community festival aims to showcase an alternative side to queer culture in the city. Toronto Queer Arts Festival (Queer West Fest) takes place this year from Thursday August 7 to Sunday August 10th. Queer West Fest showcases the best of west end queer culture by taking over various establishments, some queer operated and the others queer positive. One annual event is held in the Church St gay village, namely the Queer West International Film Festival on Saturday August 10.

The Arts Festival is a little smaller this year, lasting only four days instead of the usual ten. Organizers found it harder to find quality volunteers due to many festivals during the summer.; Five hree were selected and happily became event managers for film festival, the music concert and a poetry cabaret night. Their Responses; “Wow, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity” and “Thank you sooooo much, .and life just got the best for me!!!!! Of course I can handle this!”

With little funding, a small team of dedicated volunteers Queer West manages to miraculously produce a moderately successful festival year after year and no debts. Queer West Fest has always stayed true to its community roots. Its continuing success is due to the incredible efforts of so many passionate volunteers, though we also can’t overlook the invaluable contributions from our loyal sponsors.

What’s new and exciting in 2014?

The Festival has been in planning and production stage since January 2014. Queer West Fest as it is affectionately called, is a sober version of Pride. The evening gives us a chance to relax and celebrate our hard work and the start of our 4 day festival.

Thursday August 7 – Launch Party as part of the Toronto Queer Arts Festival. Dancing with DJ Steve Austin and DJ Nik Red, 9 pm to Close. Free. 1602 (Bar with No Name) Dundas St. W., Lesbians love our parties.

Friday August 8 – Alterna Queer Music Concert Five different bands from punk rock to ballads to bluegrass. We love introducing you to new talent, as part of the Toronto Queer Arts Festival. 8 pm to 1 AM. Free. The Sister, 1554 Queen Street West.

Saturday August 9 – Queer West Film Festival This year we will be showing more than a doen LGBT films from Finland, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Turkey, Hungary and of course our own home province of Ontario. We’re a small but quality film festival. 6-10 pm. $5/pwyc. Buddies In Bad Times, 12 Alexander, 416-879-7954,

Sunday August 10 – Smash Words (Poetry & Cabaret)Six of Toronto’s best known LGBT spoken word artists, as part of the Toronto Queer Arts Festival. 7pm-10 pm. $5/pwyc. The Press Club, 850 Dundas St. W., 416-879-7954,

Gay West Community Network Inc (Queer West) was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2008, as a not for profit organization. We are dedicated to producing performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.


Mailing Address 562 Dufferin St. 2nd floor B1 Toronto ON M6K 2A9. Visits By Appointment Only. 416-879-7954  –   Toronto Queer Arts and Cultural Festival 2014 Gay & Lesbian Travel xpert


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