– Arts Festival 2010

10th Annual Toronto Queer Arts Festival

Theme: Queering Boundaries

Saturday August 7 to Sunday August 15, 2010

There was no poster made for the arts festival in 2010. There were so many location changes everything was rushed at the last minute. The poster was scraped.


We do have copies of the 2010 Official Program Guides in PDF Format

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2010 – Full Colour – Official Queer West Arts Festival2010 Program Guide

2010 – Full Colour – Official Film Festival 2010 Film Festival Poster

2010 – Full Colour – Official Film Festival Program Guide Queer West Film Festival Program

Saturday August 7th, 2010—Launch Party!
Where: The Hen House
Address: 1532 Dundas West
Start Time: 8pm
End Time: last call at the bar!

The Henhouse, 1532 Dundas St W. 416-534-5939 on north side, just past Dufferin. Open daily from 5pm-2am. Sat & Sunday Brunch to 3 pm. Wonderful cozy little bar, where even strangers are friendly. Mixed crowd. Henhouse has become one of the most popular up-and-coming lesbian bars on the Queer West scene. Where the Henhouse really seems shine is its inclusive atmosphere — which is fitting for the Queer West Village in general. It’s nice to go out to a place with your gay friends and run into your straight friends. Domestic beer is cheap, $5 a bottle and only Cameron Ale on tap at $5.50 a pint. Open 6 PM to 3 AM The 1950 jukebox will be jumping with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Donna Summer, Blondie. Most played Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton. . Little Portugal (Rua Acores) neighbourhood. Queer West Toronto, Ontario. www.henhousetoronto.com

Event Description: Queer West Fest kicks off its 10th year running at one of queer Toronto’s best kept secrets—THE HEN HOUSE! So, put on your tightest skinny jeans, practice your best pick-up line in front of the mirror and be prepared for a night of jokes, laughter, conversation and dancing. Let’s turn this mother on its head, yo!

Sunday August 8th, 2010 –Sexy Words! (forerunner of Smash Words)
Where: The Lula Lounge
Address: 1585 Dundas St. West
Doors: 6:15pm
Start: 7pm
Cover: PWYC (suggested $5)

Lula Dance Lounge – 1585 Dundas Street West, 2 blocks west of Dufferin (Southside, just past Sheridan.) . 416-588-0307. If you love live music, this is a great new place to see the raw musical talent of Toronto. Imported afro-cuban, sala, swing bands and spoken word nights. Little Portugal (Rua Acores) neighbourhood – Queer West Toronto, Ontario.

Event Description: The best performers in the city will be doing their thing. Poets ruminate on fucking, loving, fighting, and connecting viscerally to spaces, bodies, sounds and smells.This is the sequel to the smash success of Bent Expressions at The Press Club January 24th. this should prove to be a very memorable evening, all about Sex, Sex and more Sex!!!!

Queer West Arts Collective proudly presents, as part of the Queer West Fest: “SEXY WORDS” – An evening of Queer Poetry and Spoken Word on the theme of SEX.

Performers include: Duncan Armstrong, Yehuda Fisher, Parul Pandya, Cathy Petch, Jay Stewart, The Storm and Nichola Ward. MC/Host is Philip Cairns.

The Details: Lula Lounge. Doors 6:15 pm Show Start time is 7 pm. Cover is $5 minimum at the door. www.lula.ca 1585 Dundas Street. one block west of Dufferin, Queer West Toronto, Lounge number (416) 588-0307

Monday August 9th, 2010 —The Steps Philosophy Cafe . Currently running as random local neighbourhood street idea since May, “The Steps” it is catching on and locals are coming by to check it out, then coming back again and again. Michel (Queer West founder and host of Wilde Chats Philosophy Cafe), says the best advertising is Word of Mouth. Someone who knows someone, asks. “Have you been to”The Steps” yet? That’s how people arrive. Is it about talking? Well yes and no. Is it about music? Could be and many other things. Oh come on… I am curious…. What is it about anyway? That’s the best part. “The Steps” refuses to be defined; all the attendees have their own definition.

Where: Naco Cafe (Patio) 647-347-6499
Address: 1665 Dundas St. W.
Start time: 8pm
End Time: 11pm
Cover: Free
Contact Info: Michel – Torontodigitalq@yahoo.ca 416-879-7954

Tuesday August 10th, 2010 — Dinner and Performance of Harriet’s House

Where: LeVacK Block
Address: 88 Ossington Ave
Start time: 8pm
End Time: 11pm
Cover: $5 (no advance tickets) 50 folding chairs only, get there early, otherwise standing room for 30 people.

LeVack Block 88 Ossington Avenue. Situated on Toronto’s coolest new street, Ossington, is LeVack Block. With its grand windows and corner location LeVack Block provides the perfect place for watching the street come alive as the sun goes down. In the front room a vintage bar with a wrought iron cage welcomes you into the large dining room with striped walls, kitschy figurines and Parisian turn-of-the-century erotica. The warm room with its many retro chandeliers is dim and creates the perfect setting for a romantic meal or a fun get together with friends.The restaurant and bar area in the front has nine brews on tap, and a neon-lit party venue in the back houses DJs and always a queer live band. Queer West Toronto, Ontario. www.levackblock.com

Event Description: An evening of good food (6-8 pm) followed by a full-cast reading of Gailey Road Production’s heart-stopping play, Harriet’s House. In this contemporary drama a mother and her three daughters negotiate the challenges and politics of international adoption in a same-sex family. Harriet reluctantly gives 17-year old Luísa permission to return to the Catholic orphanage in Bogotá where she spent three years of her childhood. But when she falls seriously ill, Harriet travels to Bogotá with her new partner Marty to bring Luísa home. Dealing in love, loss, and adoption in a same-sex family, this piece is a contemporary drama on queer mothering and daughtering in today’s globalized world. Gailey Road Productions produces women-centred, research-informed theatre that dramatizes social and political issues that impact on the lives of us all.

Cast and Artistic Team: Harriet: Joanne Latimer; Luísa:SupinderWraich; Ana: Rebecca Applebaum; Clare: Estée Feldman; Marty: Julie Burris; Anita: Jorie Morrow. Producer: Tara Goldstein, Assistant Producer: Monica Nunes, Production Manager: Gillian Lewis, Stage Manager: Tara Mohan. Q &A follows with playwright Tara Goldstein, director, Jocelyn Wickett and full cast! Web Site: http://web.me.com/gaileyroad/Site/Welcome.html

The Details: Where: LeVacK Block. Address: 88 Ossington Ave. Start time: 8pm. End Time: 11pm. Cover: $5 (no advance tickets) 40 chairs only, get there early, otherwise standing room for 30 people. Queer West Village, Toronto Ontario.

Tuesday August 10, 2010 James Howell in Take Down Your Panties on Main Street @ Fixit Point Theatre

Where: Fixit Point
Address: 1550 Queen Street West (Parkdale)
Start time: 8 pm
416 587 4346
Cover: PWYC/$5min.

Event Description: Recently performed at The Roundhouse, Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver. Written and performed by James Howell – Directed by Kiersten Tough. Take Down Your Panties on Main Street is a solo show about a celebrity artist who sells junk art to people with more money than sense, being asked to give a few remarks to an art school painting class. The class’s teacher elopes with the life drawing model, leaving nothing for the class to paint and no one teach them. The famous painter steps onto the posing platform to offer “a few remarks” that are part confession, tirade, stand-up and erotic valedictory address. The painter shows images of “his” work, which are actually other people’s paintings, partly to inflate his ego, partly to see if the students will know the difference. He ends up saying more than he should and more than anyone could have imagined.

James is a self-professed “Cranky Clown” currently based in Dubai. His studies include the professional diploma programme at Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Paris), the Summer Shakespeare Program at RADA (London) and workshops with Mick Barnfarther (Theatre de Complicite), Joss Houben (Ecole Jacques Lecoq) and Lilo Bauer (Peter Brook’s Theatre Bouffes de Nord). Past festival appearances include New York Clown Theatre Festival, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, New Mardi Gras (Sydney), Midsumma (Melbourne), Harvest (Montreal), Fringe Festival Praha, Gfest (London), 24:7 Festival (Manchester) and Fresh Fruit Festival (New York).

Wednesday August 11th, 2010 —Queerly Lit!
Where: the Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar
Address: 1214 Queen Street West
Doors: 7:30
Start Time: 8pm
Host: Queer West’s very own, Jaqlin Walters

Granny Boots is early evening entertainment for queer folk who like to be in bed by 11. Tonight’s Host: Queer West’s very own, Jaqlin Walters you and your Granny get to be home early AND entertained all in one night! Tonight GRANNY BOOTS starts at 8 PM sharp and ends at 10 PM.

Event Description: Granny Boots and the Queer West Young Adult ShOUT! (Un)Conference Series, host an evening to celebrate the boundless world of the queer imagination with Vivek Shraya, Tamai Kobayashi, and Alec Butler authors talk about how we read situations, contexts, truths, politics, literature, but above all people?

Queer-ness challenges not necessarily what we read but how we read. Who is doing the reading and who is doing the writing, or does it matter? If so, why/if not, why not? What about the labels we give narratives and whether or not the labels/categories we attach to particular narratives are an insight into the labeling and categorizing of bodies. Like literature, how do we read bodies? As fictional, as non-fiction, as a cover story, as poetry, as an ad for ROOTS, as punk, as a queer, as a girl as a boy?

Vivek Shraya, is a transplanted prairie boy living in Toronto. Active in the local queer community, he’s also a musician who has toured North America, showcased at NXNE and CMW, and appeared with Tegan and Sara, Dragonette, and Melissa Ferrick. Shraya has released five records, including 2009’s Keys & Machines, and was recently featured on ABC’s Private Practice. His now the author of a short story compilation, titled “God Loves Hair”, which explores gender politics, queer theory, religion and regionalism. http://blog.vivekshraya.com/

Tamai Kobayashi, author of Quixotic Erotic and Getting Wet: Tales of Lesbian Seduction, to name of few of her works, explores the erotic in ways that some have described as “ranging from tender and sultry to coolly surreal”. Born in Japan in 1965 and raised in Canada, Tamai Kobayashi is a writer, songwriter, and videomaker who lives in Toronto. Her writing has appeared in a number of lesbian anthologies and literary magazines. Kobayashi is one of the founding members of Asian Lesbians of Toronto. Her story “Panopte’s Eye” is an excerpt from a novel-in-progress. www.ryerson.ca/library/events/asian_heritage/kobayashi.html

Alec Butler, Playwright born on Cape Breton Island in 1959, Nova Scotia , now living in Toronto. She began her life as a woman (Audrey Butler) but in 1999 completed gender reassignment and changed her first name to Alec. Butler is co-artistic director of Temperamental Journey, a playwright-centred company devoted to creating provocative and entertaining theatre in the spirit of social change and artistic excellence. The Globe and Mail has called Mr. Butler a “lesbian [sic] punk iconoclast.” He has had many of his plays published in journals. His work Radical Perversions: 2 Dyke Plays, was published in 1990 by Women’s Press. He was also a finalist for the Governor General’s Award , 1990 for Black Friday? Plays include: Black Friday? (premiered at Dangerous Dreamers, Sydney, Nova Scotia, 1994, directed by Bryden MacDonald); Hardcore Memories ( Women in View , Vancouver, British Columbia, 1993, directed by the author); Claposis ( Fringe of Toronto Festival, 1990, directed by the author).

The Details: Where: the Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar. Address: 1214 Queen Street West. Doors: 7:30. Start Time: 8pm. Host: Queer West’s very own, Jaqlin Walters. NO COVER. Queer West Village, Toronto Ontario.

Thursday August 12, 2010- Queer West Festival Bicycle Art Gallery Night. A curated cycling tour of six west end galleries. (An all ages & orientations event)

Event Description: It’s a free, fun-filled introduction to Queer West Village exciting art scene! One and All welcome; from queer cyclists; to art lovers lovers, to couples, friends to total strangers, come and cycle with us. . Gallery Night is an art crawl style bike tour of art galleries, occurring in site specific locations and visits to artists studios. Discover galleries that you may not know and see art of all kinds including glass, painting, fabric, and sculpture as we cycling back-alleys and side streets to each gallery.

Rui Pimenta (Art Spin) and Michel Paré, QW President, ride leader Gay West Bicycle Club are still working out the route and galleries, that are open in evening and willing to host us. Likely Trinity Bellwoods Park, along West Queen West up, to Dundas West though back laneways, ending at Naco Gallery and Cafe, 1665 Dundas W., back patio for After Party and Curated art exhibit. Full Gallery list coming shortly.

Meeting point is on Thursday August 12 at Trinity Bellwoods Park Queen & Strachan gate, between 6:30pm – 7 pm (Starts 7pm shape) when everyone rides, en masse, at a slow pace, towards the first gallery of the night. The tour ends around 9:30 pm….Safety Volunteers will watch your bicycle, at each stop while people head into each gallery . People are welcome to join or leave the tour as they wish/need. Helmets and night lights are recommended. Toronto artist Rui Pimenta, who is known for his famous Art Spin Tours this summer will be with us www.artspin.ca and possibly with the help of his assistants; Casey Hinton / Layne Hinton, Art Spin Coordinator/Curators.

Friday August 13th, 2010 —Alterna-Queer Song Fest
Where: Mitzi’s Sister
Address: 1554 Queen Street West
Start Time: 8pm
Host: DJ Hollyrock
Cover: PWYC (with all proceeds going to performers)

Mitzi’s Sister – 1554 Queen Street West, 416-532-2570.The real action is catching up with the local gossip at the bar. Lovely, summer Patio seats 40. Open 11 am-2 am Mon to Sat., and 11 am to midnight Sunday’s. “Our bar menu is all microbrews, so I think that is one of the attractions,” says owner Lesli Gaynor. We support local breweries. A sizable space made cozy by warm staff and mauve walls displaying local artwork; friendly chatter happens over microbrews and massive servings of well-crafted pub dishes. Live bands, queer author reading series and music jams. Lesbian owned. $$ Affordable Parkdale neighbourhood, Queer West Toronto, Ontario.

Event Description: An evening of ear-pleasing live tunes, even better people and a spectacular venue in the heart of queer west! Lion Tiger Bear, Mark Cassidy and People You Know! with DJ Hollyrock spinning interlude tunes, between sets.

This will be a super evening, with 5 bands, Mitizi’s Sister, also booked two bands. Durban Poison (Victoria BC) and Toronto’s First Base.

Lion Tiger Bear Band – -“This new duo, Lion Tiger Bear, brings moody indie folk music headed up by its primary band members, Emily Schneider and Craig Simmons. Although new, lion tiger bear is sure to tug at each and every one of your broken heart strings. What you will hear: a blend of acoustic guitar, darling vocals, brilliant lyrics and even a little Cello.” No web site yet. (Set Time: 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM)

Mark Cassidy -Toronto native Mark Cassidy a gifted singer and songwriter. seen in this photograph with Frank Patrick on Bongos.Over the past year Mark has been performing his unique blend of folk/pop for audiences in and around his home town. Primarily focusing on developing his craft of writing and performing. Opting for the intimacy and intensity of a solo voice and guitar. Further allowing him to connect more intimately with his audience.

Prior to this Mark had spent 3 years traveling across Canada and through The United States playing on college and university campus’. His stage show repertoire has grown. His most recent compositions are emotionally charged reflections on his past, his present and his future. In 2010 he hopes to return to more extensive touring to expand his growing audience. In the final days of 2009 Mark recorded 2 acoustic demos of his most current material. This will certainly lead to a completely new release in 2010. www.myspace.com/markcassidy (Set Time: 9:20 PM – 10 PM)

People You Know Band! As unpretentious as they are pleasing-to-the-ears, this three-piece band is easy to listen to, easy to look at and even easier to love. But don’t think that the members of PYK assume that success will come easy. Working their way up the ranks of Toronto’s music scene since April of 2008, this band of close friends has picked up new instruments, forged a new sound together, and put a few miles on some rental cars. With shows at Canadian Music Week, Toronto Pride and a recent win as Extra Magazine’s ‘Best Band’ of 2008 and 2009, People You Know don’t show any signs of slowing down, or letting their snowballing success go to their heads..www.myspace.com/peopleyouknowmusic (Set Time: 10:15 PM – 11:00 PM)

Durban Poison, a Rock Punk Glam band. Members; Matti Corvette (vox+guit), El Kamino (guits+bgs), Hotrod Henry (bass+bgs), T-bird (drums) and Brother Kaz (tcb) who hail from Victoria B C www.myspace.com/durbanfnpoison (Set Times 11:15 PM )

Toronto’s First Base band, a simple and heartfelt new pop combo that has just released its debut seven-inch on Pizza Party Records. Sounding like a band that could very well have been comfortably included on a volume of 1960’s garage compilation series Back From The Grave, First Base is a breath of minty-fresh air in a world of over polished, overproduced, over-intellectualized indie rock. www.myspace.com/firstbaseband. (Set Times 12:15 AM)

The Details: Where: Mitzi’s Sister. Address: 1554 Queen Street West. Start Time: 8pm. Host: Holly Rock. Cover: PWYC (with all proceeds going to performers) Queer West Village, Toronto Ontario.

Saturday August 14th, 2010 — Cinema evening at the 3rd annual Queer West Film Festival

Where: The Revue Cinema (244 Seats)
Address: 400 Roncesvalles Avenue
Start Time: 4 pm
End Time:6 pm
Cover $5/PWYC
About Queer West Film Festival

2010 Attendees Program Guide Queer West Film Festival Program Guide (pdf format)

We received submissions from all over the world. We wish we could have shown all of them, but then it would have been a three day festival. We will be listing all Film Directors who sent us. submissions thanking them, after this year’s festival!

Muchas Gracias to Queen Video paying for the entire cost of the theatre rental.

Event Description: This year the 3rd annual Queer West Film Festival is Queering Boundaries. We are excited to screen films that question the boundaries of the home, the body and the mind. Films that create a dialogue about racialized/trans/queer identity. Films that rethink and redefine the queer subject on screen. Mostly, the films screened at the Queer West Film Festival strive to broaden the notion of identity through each films narrative (de) construction. The QWFF will also be focusing on the boundary queering work of Toronto’s LGBT Triangle Program through a brief 15 year retrospective. http://triangleprogram.ca/about-2/

The 6th ANNUAL TORONTO PRIDE RIDE ON BICYCLES 2010 – No Politics involved. Queers on Gears having fun since 2003.

Sunday August 15, 2010 – 6th Annual 54K Queer West Arts Festival Pride Ride, Hosted by the Gay West Bicycle Club Pride in our queer west Toronto Community

Event Description: Leisurely tour along Toronto’s waterfront from West Toronto to Port Credit with today’s ride leader Michel Paré. We meet at 220 Cowan Avenue in front of the Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre at 12 Noon.

Route: From Cowan Avenue, we cycle along to Queen West and over to High Park. Across to Martin Goodman Trail and head West along the Waterfront Trail through Colonel Sam Smith Park over to Marie Curtis Park to Port Credit avoiding Highway Two except for slight jog at Long Branch. A 54K excursion exploring the parks and river banks of western Toronto About a 3 hour trip. Dress up. Decorated your bike win a prize.

This event ends around 3:30 – 4 PM back at the Patio of the “Cadillac Lounge” for libations and ruminations. 1296 Queen St West www.cadillaclounge.com

If lost or going to be late arriving at meetup point call 416-879-7954 . Helmets are recommended for all rides. Mandatory for those under 18. Out of town visitors, welcome to cycle in this event. This is a FREE event, no membership fees to cycle with us today. Gay West Bicycle Club Now in it’s 8th year, the only dedicated gay and lesbian cycling club in eastern Canada with close to 100 members. GWBIKECLUB on Facebook www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7366448476 or Yahoo Groups: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/gwbikeclub/

Our Festival ended on Sunday August 15, 2010.

Gay West Community Network Inc (Queer West) was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2008, as a not for profit organization. We are dedicated to producing performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.

Head Office 416-879-7954 queerwestartsfestival@gmail.com