– Queer Film Festivals in Canada

Compiled by Michel F. Paré,
ML.S – M.Phil © Copyright 2017


Directory of LGBT Film Festivals in Canada

International Directory of LGBT Film Festivals

A Film Directory compiled by Mike Doherty  The Complete Bear

LGBT Film Festivals Around the world

Another directory worth checking out is Queer Film Fests

While not a queer; A listing of  Every Film Festival in Toronto: all 35 of them  http://bit.ly/1I1QVfq

 Worth Reading

Study – A Complicated Queerness: LGBT Film Festivals and Queer Programming Strategies.” (2012)  by Skadi Loist, University of Hamburg, IMK (Institut für Medien und Kommunikation), Faculty Member View it: http://www.academia.edu/1237282/_A_Complicated_Queerness_LGBT_Film_Festivals_and_Queer_Programming_Strategies.
other works on queer film festivals by Skadi Loist

A 2012 academic study – “On the Development of Queer Film Festivals and Their Media Activism” by Skadi Loist and Ger Zielinski.http://bit.ly/1A8Kyaf



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