Welcome  to the annual Toronto Queer Arts & Culture Festival

 Proud of our past festivals over the last 14 years


 Coming soon. 15th annual Toronto Queer Arts Festival & 7th annual Film Festival

Gay West Community Network Inc (Queer West) a not for profit organization, located in Toronto Ontario. Our Corporate objectives are; To produce performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops. We are a registered charity in Province of Ontario, #175269. Same as Pride Toronto. Both unrelated organizations can’t give tax receipts, as they are not (CRA) Canada Revue Agency Registered.

Queer West is managed by a Board of Directors (Lauren Tenn, Richa Shrotriya and Michel F. Paré) Operations are overseen by the Queer West Arts Collective. The Toronto Queer Arts and Culture Festival main features are; Smash Words, Alterna-Queer Music Concert and the Toronto International Queer West Film Festival. Other events are added depending on length of festival, usually ten days. In 2014 it was a four day event.

Monday September 8, 2014.  Toronto Queer West Board of Directors, had hour long meeting today Via Skye, Main topic of discussion was film festival funding for 2015. One of four applications is ready for signatures. We’re not interested in Toronto Arts Council funding. TAC requires us to pay for all the films we receive. If we get enough funding we will award film prizes instead.

toronto queer west film festival call for submissions

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 Queer West Arts Collective

The 2014 Toronto Queer Arts and Culture Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of members from the Queer West Arts Collective. Thank you; Ms. Zoma Maduekwe (From Abuja, Nigeria), Ms. Richa Shrotriya (From Mumbai India), Ms. Lauren Tenn (Toronto) , Philip Cairns (Toronto), Michel F. Paré (Toronto) and Akos Major (From Budapest, Hungary). The collective is volunteer group open to anyone (From students to seniors) who supports the idea of an independent queer arts and film festival in Toronto.

 Festival Sponsors 2014

Toronto Queer Arts Festival gratefully acknowledges the support in 2014 from;  Buddies In Bad Times Theatre; The Press Club, The Sister, Open Roof Festival; Basement ArtsimagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts FestivalBar 1602  Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival DailyXtra.com and IvarDesign.com

   Showcasing the best of Toronto’s queer west end

The west end of the city, primarily the Queen St. W. strip from Ossington to Dufferin and along Dundas West, has gone through a massive facelift in recent years. This rapid rejuvenation has often been attributed to the re-opening of the Drake Hotel in 2004, but before the Drake put Queen W. on the map, there was a burgeoning arts community flourishing. Dozens of galleries scattered amongst deteriorating storefronts, sandwiched between appliance retailers and pawnshops, created a new bohemia. Weekly queer parties were a regular occurrence in the warehouses and lofts within this once affordable neighbourhood.

Out of this scene in 2000 sprung a vibrant queer culture with a younger mixed crowd seeking something different, a group not hung up on their, or anyone else’s, sexuality. The area has adapted to the rising queer presence  now known  affectionately as The Queer West Village or to some Queer West Toronto

Toronto is already one of the queerest cities in the universe. And, while long known for having one of the biggest and most successful Pride celebrations in the world, a new smaller grassroots community festival aims to showcase an alternative side to queer culture in the city. Toronto Queer Arts Festival (Queer West Fest) official events takes place this year from Thursday August 7 to Sunday August 10th. The festival welcomes some additional affiliated events, earlier in the week.

Queer West Fest showcases the best of west end queer culture by taking over various establishments, some queer operated and the others queer positive. One annual event is held in the Church St gay village, namely the Queer West International Film Festival

Friends, Sponsors and Supporters

  Gay West Community Network Inc (Queer West) was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2008, as a not for profit organization. We are dedicated to producing performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.

Mailing Address 562 Dufferin St. 2nd floor B1 Toronto ON M6K 2A9. Visits By Appointment Only. 416-879-7954 queerwestartsfestival@gmail.com

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